Have you considered the impact of Coronavirus on your household bills? Follow these tips to minimise your energy expenditure.

Life is going to be changing for many of us, in the short term at least. Following the recent UK government advice regarding social distancing and self-isolation, you may now be preparing to work from home, home-school your children, and spend a lot more time indoors. This will inevitably lead to an increase in your energy usage, which could raise your monthly energy spend considerably.

With so much economic uncertainty on the horizon, now is the perfect time to review your domestic energy spend and make adjustments to help save on your bills. Here are 5 tips to help reduce your energy bill while you are spending more time at home over the coming months.

  1. More time at home is going to mean lots more boiling the kettle. When you’re having a coffee break, only fill the kettle with the water you need and you could see a reduction in your energy usage.
  2. Turn your lights off when you’re not using them. Enjoy the break from artificial office lighting, and work in a naturally-lit space. When bulbs need replacing, using energy efficient LEDs will save you money.
  3. When you’re having a break from your laptop or the children have lost interest in the TV, make sure appliances are turned off and not just on standby mode. What’s more, unplug your laptop/phone and iPad when they’re fully charged to avoid wasting energy.
  4. Spring is finally here, and you may not need to use your central heating as much. If you do need to have your central heating on while you are at home, turning your main thermostat down by 1 degree can make a considerable difference to your bills. Also, make sure you set a timer for your heating and hot water to come on only when it’s needed.
  5. Do a price comparison on your energy tariffs to make sure you are paying a fair market price for your energy. Experienced Energy’s energy comparison service compares all major energy suppliers in partnership with U-Switch. It’s quick, easy, and for every dual fuel switch made, we donate £15 to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. (https://www.experiencedenergy.co.uk/domesticenergy/)

If you would like to discuss your domestic energy usage and receive more detailed advice and tips on how we can help you to reduce your energy bills, please contact our Operations Manager Craig Watson on 02475 094 090, or alternatively email hello@experiencedenergy.co.uk quoting ‘Domestic Energy’.