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Flexible Buying Groups/Risk Management

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Traditional fixed-based energy contracts are dying due to three reasons:

  1. The model is unsustainable.
  2. There is a better way of doing it.
  3. There are too many risk premiums built into prices

When coming to the end of an energy contract, you have to relentlessly negotiate across energy suppliers for the best competitive rate at that time. As recent times have shown, the unexpected may be just around the corner – cue energy crisis and/or energy spikes.

Your business shouldn’t have to commit to the best competitive rate at a specific time for an extended period – todays best rate may be a poor rate tomorrow. This comes down to luck of the draw, and there is a better way.

The EES flexible energy buying group

Our flexible purchasing buying group is a much more efficient and sustainable way of purchasing energy for our customers.

Traditionally, this kind of product is only accessible by large volume energy consumers. In response to this limitation, we have grouped together our customers who use smaller volumes of energy to create a buying group.

The EES energy buying group is managed by our in-house experts, who hold extensive experience in managing some of the UK’s largest flexible purchasing strategies. Our team develop buying strategies and make purchases on behalf of customers within the buying group. This allows all businesses, regardless of size and expertise, to access the benefits of flexible procurement.

We’re tirelessly reviewing the drivers that influence price changes to stay ahead of the curve. This means that we can offer our customers early advice on when and how they may need to react to their strategy. We work with participants to create and administer exposure budgets and ensure our risk management support delivers within the agreed parameters.

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