Then it could be time to introduce a revolutionary bill validation system.

If your business works across numerous sites, the volume of energy bills that you receive can be overwhelming. Processing these can be resource intensive for your organisation, and often result in human error and/or money lost through inaccurate billing. The solution? Introduce a bill validation system which uses RPA to assist with your energy management requirements.

RPA, or Robotic Process Automation is a new technology which transforms the bill validation process. Through using RPA software and a bill validation platform, you will instantly access the exact cost of your energy bills without needing the manual calculations.

So, how does it work? RPA works by integrating with your energy suppliers’ billing systems, receiving bills in a specific format. This then enables the system to validate the accuracy of all bills against your contracts and meter data, before payment is made and data stored. This results in transparent, accurate billing and ensures your company is only paying bills against the actual energy used during the designated billing period. This offers a cashflow benefit to the business and avoids the frustrating and time-consuming reconciliation of annual re-bills.

At Experienced Energy Solutions, we understand how important it is for our customers to receive accurate billing in a timely and efficient manner  Therefore, we created ‘Evolve’ – our bill validation platform powered by RPA – which can transform your billing process and provide major benefits to the energy management process within your business.

Our experienced team use the Evolve platform to manage your energy spend end-to-end, liaising with suppliers on your behalf. They do this by inputting initial contract data at the onset of your agreement, before arranging the required billing format with your suppliers and then by managing any queries until a resolution is agreed. This means you can focus valuable resource on other priorities for your business.

Not only does Evolve provide a superior energy spend management solution, it provides additional functions to benefit your business. The platform processes your data and provides automatic reports, offering greater visibility of the energy efficiency across your sites. Evolve also supports the more strategic energy buyer with market reports and can help create alarms and triggers which can be set for your budget strategy, ensuring you access the market at the best times to minimise total energy spend.

To find out more about how Experienced Energy Solutions and the Evolve platform can support your business, please contact our Operations Manager Craig Watson on 02475 094 090, or alternatively email quoting Evolve.