With significant price rises since June 2021, many businesses and organisations have already felt the impact of increasing energy bills – this is set to worsen over the coming months.

If your contract renewal isn’t due for 12 to 18 months, you probably haven’t properly considered the impact of the price increases. This could be a significantly expensive mistake.

All sectors have already had to react to increasing costs including rising wages, supply chain challenges and taxes.


Is your business prepared for the increase?

It is essential that you have the right knowledge and awareness of the changes in the market to make the right business decision on when to agree and buy your energy.

Speaking to those in the market will provide you with an in-depth insight into the current state and predicted changes. Having a conversation with energy providers and brokers will give you access to detailed knowledge of the temperature of the market and forecasts of where costs may be, in the coming months.

For example, if your energy renewal was in October or September and the price is due to increase by 100% to 200%- would you like to know now or wait until 2 months before renewal?

Equally, with the same scenario – would you prefer to secure today’s price for when your renewal is due or be welcomed with a monumental price increase at the 11th hour?


Have you considered the impact on the business?

As with all cost increases, if your energy bill doubles or triples, this will have a direct impact to your bottom line and cash flow. This could be compounded by other cost pressures in your finances.

Facing such a significant increase, poses the question of passing on this onto your customers and increasing the price of your product or services. How would your customers receive this?

Taking the time to make a considered approach now, instead of weeks before your renewal date will help you to make informed decisions and prepare for the cost increases.

If you intend to wait until closer to your renewal, ask yourself this question – How would a 100% – 200% cost increase impact you?


How can EES help you save on your renewal?

Understanding scenario and your requirements

Share a copy of your current bill, we will provide you with a projected cost comparison and suggestions on how to approach purchasing your energy. We can approach the market on your behalf to understand predicted changes in tariffs and prices, this will also indicate how suppliers differ from each other in terms when incremental costs will happen. This helps you to understand when is the best time to renew.


Agree Strategy and Desired Target Pricing

Through our consultative approach, we will provide impartial advice on what each supplier and tariff means to your specific requirements and circumstances. Using our market intelligence and tracking systems, our team monitor fluctuations in the market on an hourly basis and will only contact you when your target pricing is triggered. This removes the headache and time it would take for you to monitor pricing and you won’t be pestered to renew until it is right for you.


Advice when to renew

Getting out of the market as soon as possible with save you a significant amount of money on your renewal. By securing todays price, rather than an increase in 6, 12 or 18 months time, will mean you aren’t competing with others in the market. Our team will provide you with tailored advice and updates when appropriate to your circumstances to ensure you achieve the very best possible deal in the market.