Energy Management & Reporting

Energy Management & Reporting

If you do not monitor, you cannot manage. The first step of any energy management plan is data and reporting.

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Our In-House Customer Portal

The Experienced Energy Solutions customer portal helps businesses to better manage their energy consumption, and ensures a clear line of transparency and accountability for our partnerships.

The EES customer portal includes;

  • Full record of the queries you have raised with our team, including the stage of your query, who is assigned to your query, and how to contact them to discuss further
  • Full view of all your sites & meters you have contracted- including contract start & end dates
  • Easy access to submit your own meter readings, to ensure you are invoiced correctly
  • Ability to export your own information and data in Excel format
  • Access to your contract and payment terms, to download at any time
  • Reminders on any renewals, and any deactivated or past meters/contracts
  • Easy access to a Change of Tenancy form, if you are moving premises
  • Carbon footprint information
  • News, reports, daily updates, market updates & blogs.

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Our Energy Compliance Service

Within the energy industry, there are many regulations and compliance obligations which businesses of a certain size need to meet. At Experienced Energy Services, our mission is to support businesses to not only achieve those obligations, but to use regulations to deliver best practices and become more energy efficient.

With over 30 years of industry experience across our team, we have a strong understanding of the importance of energy compliance. We recognise the value that a positive energy position can have to promote businesses on a global scale.

Our energy compliance service can support your business with the following:

  • Comply with all industry-regulated obligations (ESOS/EPCs)
  • Improve overall energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint
  • Monitor, manage and submit CO2 reporting
  • Develop and implement sustainability targets
  • Provide energy efficiency audits
  • Project manage energy efficiency projects

Carbon Zero

For EES, Net Zero is one of the most important opportunities to make a difference within the energy space.

The UK government has set a target of being carbon/net zero by 2050. However, we can make an impact sooner with the right sustainable energy plan. We support our customers to develop initiatives that make an immediate or imminent change.

We have a collective opportunity to be part of the solution within the energy market and not the problem. Contact us to find out how we support our customers with the challenge to become more sustainable.

Watch the below video on how we can become “Carbon Neutral” through energy.

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