Energy Bill Relief Scheme: help for businesses and other non-domestic customers


Find out about the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) for non-domestic customers and how you can get support this winter.



From l October 2022, the Government’s Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) will come into force for six months.

This will provide a discount on energy bills for non-domestic customers, by reducing wholesale energy costs.


To calculate your discount, the wholesale portion of your estimated unit price will be compared to a baseline ‘government supported price’.

Your supplier will apply a reduction in pence per kilowatt hour (p/kWh) to your bills to meet this baseline, which will then be reimbursed to suppliers by the Government

If you are on a fixed contract – your discount will be based on the variation between the ‘government supported price’ and wholesale prices on the day that your contract was agreed.

If you are on a variable, deemed or other contract – your discount will be based on the variation between the ‘government supported price’ and wholesale prices, but will be subject to a ‘Maximum Discount’ which is to be announced on 30 September

The support will be automatically applied to all eligible bills for energy usage from October 2022, so you do not need to take any action. You will therefore see the reduction in your October energy usage, the invoice for which you will most likely receive in November.

It is important to stress that the above government supported prices are commodity only and for all budgeting purposes you will need to also take into account the non-commodity prices.

While the EBRS is based on the wholesale element of the Energy Price Guarantee Scheme announced for domestic customers, the final unit price will be higher – taking into account factors such as network charges and operating costs that apply to non-domestic contracts.

The majority of businesses will be eligible for the EBRS, with the exception of a limited few, including businesses using energy for the purpose of generating power to sell back to the grid.


As a valued EES customer, please be assured that we’re in continual communication with all suppliers within the energy market to confirm their live position on how they’ll be interpreting and delivering the EBRS, both to new and existing commercial clients.

Unfortunately, we’re aware that several companies acting as Energy Suppliers or Consultants are cold calling businesses with a view of gaining contractual information and using the current market to push businesses into longer term deals that fall outside the duration of the current EBRS scheme. Please be wary, and call us for any advice or guidance that you require.

We will provide further communication on the EBRS as further details are announced. If you do have any concerns or wish to ask any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Director Craig Watson on 0127 274 3573


Published – 22nd September 2022