Case Study: Private Healthcare Group

Since commencing working with the group, they have grown to over 100 properties which we have successfully supported in integrating into the existing contract, making it easier for the business to manage their energy spend across the estate.

EES Solution

Consolidation of 100+ Individual energy contracts into one central contract for the group, increasing the buying power to secure a single agreement and common renewal dates.

We have agreed on a contract extension until 2027 to take advantage of purchasing energy for future periods.

What EES Did

Reviewed individual sites to establish accurate usage and collective group spend before tendering portfolio to the market. Once offers were received, we presented recommendations to the customer and discussed the benefits of flexible purchasing by agreeing desired budgetary targets. This has help our client to manage their costs and forecast spend over the coming years.

Customer Benefits

EES have streamlined the procurement exercise to be more efficient for the business by achieving a common end date and single supplier for all meters.

EES also provided the customer with an online query management portal which tracks and highlights all actions and completed queries on each individual account.

EES have established a central point of contact for the customer to provide continuity in our understanding of their portfolio and greater customer service. This has improved communication and accountability.


EES facilitated a group flex agreement for the group producing a saving of over 20%, reducing their total spend from El .6m (at the time in 2019) to El .3m.

We have secured an extension to the energy contract and at the existing price until 2027, limiting the risk of increased energy costs.