Case Study: Skirting World

We supported the team at Skirting World in securing an upgrade to their energy supply and implemented new connections as they upscaled their production.

EES Solution

Skirting World were looking for a professional energy partner to support them with their continued growth. The building supplies manufacturer was moving to a new, larger production facility which required additional energy supply.

What EES Did

EES supported Skirting World in understanding their future requirements for electricity to ensure they have correct supply in place, as well as helping to manage costs. Following the Change of Tenancy, working with the landlord to change the name to Skirting World, we were able to go to the market and upgrade their supply.

"EES Supported our transition into a larger premises so we could upscale our production. EES helped us understand the capacity requirements we needed in order to fulfill our orders.

In a market that has so many cold calls, having peace of mind you're being looked after by a credible partner such as EES is recommended"
Ian Allen
Director, Skirting World


Following a review of Skirting World’s existing energy contract and bills, we went out to the market with the new, increased requirements for the new premises and returned with potential suppliers and contracts for them to choose from.


Secured a long term contract for 3 years from 2020, providing Skirting World with clarity on their budget and providing them with the required capability to increase production as the business grows and expands.