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What is Net Zero?

Within my social circle and my more immediate network, I’m often getting asked the same question. What is Net Zero? Whether it be interested family members who are starting to see my face more across social media platforms, or old school friends who are now business owners, the words ‘Net Zero’ are increasingly more visual […]

A Month in the World of Energy – 2nd Edition

…and just like that, it was February.   Welcome to the second edition of, ‘A Month in the World of Energy!’  To recap on last months blog, we provided you with a brief look at the market price movements for the Winter period 2020, ranging between April and August 2020, which turned out to be quite a dramatic ride with the UK Lockdown. Moving forward we will be providing you […]

A Month in the World of Energy – 1st Edition

It’s January 2021, we’re back in lockdown and the energy market is on the move once again. When we entered lockdown 1.0 back in March 2020, nobody could have predicted the effect it would have on the energy market. Energy prices dropped, far lower than any expert could have foreseen and it became a great […]

Feeling swamped by your monthly energy bills?

Then it could be time to introduce a revolutionary bill validation system. If your business works across numerous sites, the volume of energy bills that you receive can be overwhelming. Processing these can be resource intensive for your organisation, and often result in human error and/or money lost through inaccurate billing. The solution? Introduce a […]

A guide to Climate Change Agreements

Does your business operate within an energy-intensive sector? If so, it may be time to put a CCA in place to minimise both your environmental impact and your energy costs. At Experienced Energy Solutions, we often receive enquires from customers about Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) and how we may be able to support them with […]