Does your business operate within an energy-intensive sector? If so, it may be time to put a CCA in place to minimise both your environmental impact and your energy costs.

At Experienced Energy Solutions, we often receive enquires from customers about Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) and how we may be able to support them with navigating this area. As with much of the regulation in the energy sector, CCAs can be daunting to begin with, however the team at Experienced Energy are here to guide you through the process of setting up a CCA and support you throughout your reporting period.

What are CCAs?

Climate Change Agreements are voluntary commitments made by companies in energy-intensive sectors, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency. Whether you are an SME or a large national corporation, all businesses have a duty to monitor their energy consumption and minimise their impact on the environment. CCAs provide a framework to achieve this.

There are two ways for businesses to participate within the CCA scheme; through ‘Umbrella’ agreements, or ‘Underlying’ agreements. Umbrella agreements are negotiated between sector associations and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Alternatively, you could hold your own underlying agreement, covering individual or groups of sites operated by your organisation.


Why you should have a CCA

CCAs encourage positive changes towards energy usage for the benefit of the environment. They also have a financial incentive for participation. By holding a CCA, you will receive significant discount on the Climate Change Levy applied to your energy bills.

The percentage discount applied can be found below:


How Experienced Energy can support you?

Participating within the CCA scheme can require a time commitment towards submitting your application, implementing efficiency measures and reporting on your targets. This is where Experienced Energy Solutions come in. We have supported numerous businesses with their CCA application, and using this experience we will ensure that any agreements you commit to are right for you and your business. Once your CCA is in place, we take the pressure away from your organisation, providing ongoing support with all reporting requirements, and by ensuring you receive the best deal for your energy costs.

Targets for participating sectors under the current scheme run until 31 March 2023; therefore time is of the essence to benefit from CCL discount, and make positive changes towards being a more environmentally friendly, sustainable business.

To find out more about how the Experienced Energy team can support you to reduce your energy costs and maximise the efficiency of the energy you consume, please contact our Operations Manager Craig Watson on 02475 094 090, or alternatively email quoting CCA.