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if you typically spend between £1000 – £50,000 annually on business energy

if you typically spend between £50,000+ annually on business energy

The Energy industry can quite easily become a confusing playground to play in with so many variations of tariffs, contract types, management tools, energy efficiency schemes and specialist solutions in the market… so where do you start to find the right support for you and your business?

At EE-S, we often receive requests from businesses looking for support within many areas and often we find it’s the areas you haven’t yet considered that offer the most insight.

Whilst the majority of us may be familiar with paying our energy bills, and the historical big 6 who are the UK’s most well-known suppliers, you may not realise that there’s now over 40 licensed suppliers who actively trade within the commercial area selling gas and electricity supply contracts, and a further 1,000+ unregulated energy consultants who look to offer a service which is designed to support you… but how on earth do you start validating which supplier or which broker you should use?

The answer is simple… you don’t… we do… and we do this by asking you to challenge us against your current approach to energy management.

Whether you have an existing relationship either direct or via a consultant, we’re comfortable in bench-marking our approach against another, because we feel our advice and recommendation will showcase our experience and expertise.

At EE-S, we validate the market on a daily basis to ensure we can offer the most relevant and up-to-date advice when it comes to making strategic purchases on your energy spend.

Our trained experts are here to support you and will carefully validate your enquiry to identify the best options for you to consider. We understand every business is different, whether its an appetite for risk, need for budgetary certainty or openness to change with future solutions, every enquiry is dealt with in our bespoke way to make sure every detail relating to your business energy spend is considered.

To get in touch with one of our consultants and understand more about how we can help and who you should be working with, complete our free energy health check and one of our trained advisors will be in touch to progress.

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Reasons to Choose Us

Over 20 Years of Experience

Our team have worked with both suppliers and consultants, across various channels including New Business Sales, Change of Tenancies and New Connections, giving us a complete understanding of the processes involved with delivering the service you require.

No Unsolicited Calls

We pride ourselves on being a referral only business and differentiate ourselves from others by avoiding the cold call tactics which keep receptionists on their toes all day every day. We’ll only talk to you when you’re happy to talk to us.

Transparent Advice

The market is complex enough without suppliers and consultants confusing matters more. We aim to break everything into a language you understand and we’re happy to answer any question you ask with clear, honest advice.

What our customers say

“As a registered charity, budget certainty and cost control is vital.  EES have supported us in both aspects, not only saving us money but also assisting us in understanding our energy usage, as well as reducing it.  Delighted with their services, you must use these guys!”

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